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Bitumen Paper

Kingley Product Code: 150066
£ 67.80
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Bitumen paper is a traditional reinforced kraft paper used in building. Kingley bitumen paper meets the technical requirements of BS 152, Class A1F for waterproof building papers and it’s used for additional strength and durability.

It’s typically used as a:

  • Moisture barrier
  • Underlay on uninsulated cladding
  • Temporary protection
  • Separation layer
  • Draught and damp exclusion barriers.

Dimensions: 1000 mm x 25 m
Quantity per unit: 25 m²

User Guide

Bitumen paper can really be of use when laying hardwood floors, linoleum or vinyl flooring.

Hardwood floors. Bitumen paper can help reduce noise when it comes to wood flooring. To achieve this, you need to put the paper between the underlay you’re using and the wooden planks.

Vinyl flooring and linoleum. Put the bitumen paper between the subfloor and vinyl planks or linoleum flooring. The paper will minimise squeaking.