Seeking some peace and quiet, a group of friends decides to spend a weekend away from the city, in an old cottage in the hills. Just as they settled in and gathered in the living room, it started storming outside. The wind suddenly opened up the windows, panes loudly hit the walls and the curtains started fluttering around.

People got startled a bit, but then one of the lads stood up and closed the windows. However, there was something inexplicably uncanny in the air that caused unpleasant goosebumps. The group kept quiet, like talking about this feeling of fear might cause something horrible to happen.

Out of the blue, they heard the floor was squeaking. Sounded like footsteps, but no one was there.

Pretty scary, right?

This is a common scene from haunted house movies. We thought about the important part wooden floors play in the horror genre, especially when it comes to building up the tension.

This is why we decided to bring you the list of the eeriest haunted house movies you can enjoy this Halloween.

Haunted House Movie #1: Poltergeist

Written and produced by Steven Spielberg, Poltergeist is a true masterpiece and a classic among the haunted house movies.

The Freelings, a suburban Californian family, get visited by ghosts that appear to be friendly at first. However, it’s not long before the family starts experiencing strange and eerie events as ghosts start communicating with the five-year-old daughter Carol Ann through a television set.

Everything escalates quickly as bizarre events take place and ghosts begin terrorising the family, which causes the parents to finally ask for help from a group of parapsychologists.

Poltergeist is an award-winning movie surely to give you the chills.

Haunted House Movie #2: The Conjuring

The Conjuring is probably one of the best known haunted house movies. It depicts the 18th-century house in Rhode Island where Roger and Carolyn Perron moved in with their five daughters and their dog Sadie.

However, paranormal activities occur in the first few nights, stopping the clocks at exactly 3:07 AM. One of the girls mysteriously ends up dead and the family is left terrified. The continuation of eerie events lead Carolyn to hire paranormal investigators and demonologists, Ed and Lorraine Warren, who agreed to take the case.

If you enjoy scary trivia, you’ll be thrilled to know that The Conjuring is allegedly based on a true story. The Warrens are real-life figures (played by Patrick Wilson and Vera Flaminga in the movie), and Lorraine Warren actually investigated the paranormal activities around this house.

She worked as a consultant to the production to bring the story to life.

Haunted House Movie #3: The Shining

Another must-watch haunted house movie includes Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining, which is argued as one of the best horror movies of all times.

The movie follows the story of Jack Torrance who arrives at the Overlook Hotel in Colorado in order to be interviewed for the position of its winter caretaker and hopefully - cure his writer block.

Although Torrance’s questionable mental state, intimate emotional world and dysfunctional relationships take the central part of the movie, the spookiest things come from the hotel itself.

As the plot continues twisting, Jack and his family (wife Wendy and vision-obsessed son Danny) are becoming victims of the hotel’s dark secrets.

Haunted House Movie #4: The Others

The Others is a multiple-award winning haunted house movie from 2001.

Following a story of Grace Stewart and her two children who suffer from a peculiar disease that implies photosensitivity, The Others is filled with mystery.

The movie takes place in a country house, during the aftermath of the World War II. It is very engaging as it motivates the spectacor to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

When Grace hires three new servants, things begin to unravel and take a bit of an unexpected turn. Strange events occur around the house, from the piano playing itself to the unknown footsteps and voices. This movie is famous for its shocking plot twist that recontextualises the entire narrative.

Haunted House Movie #5: Paranormal Activity

What makes Paranormal Activity unique compared to other haunted house movies is the fact that it imposes a voyeur perspective for the viewers.

The uncertainty of what’s going to happen next will make you sit at the edge of your seat. Young couple, Katie and Micah, move to a suburban home in San Diego. Not long after that, they begin to notice a strange, demonic presence within the house.
Katie admits she felt like there was some evil presence haunting her ever since she was a little girl, which is why Micah decides to put up a camera and record any paranormal activities.

The movie is spectacular in sense of building up the scary atmosphere and there are a lot of normal, everyday events caught on the camera that are almost insignificant. Beware as it’s the night vision where it gets terrifying.

From a scientific point of view, we love watching horror movies because they allow us to feel anxious within safe surroundings. With the popularity of psychological horrors, we are also curious about the dark forces which are omnipresent in fiction and exist within humans as well.

One thing’s for sure: if you plan on moving to a haunted house, you should definitely change the floors. Because, obviously, that is the place where the poltergeist lives.