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Bosco Goes Up The Wall

With the arrival of the new Bosco Wall Mounting Clip, we can now offer a totally new dimension to your space. The simple, user friendly, easy to install system means that any of our Bosco Range floors can now be fitted to your interior walls.

Below is a quick guide to fitting the Bosco to your walls!

Conditions for fitting the Bosco Range on walls is the same as the floorboards, i.e. 45% to 60% humidity and a temperature of between 18?C and 24?C and packs should be acclimatised for around 48 hours. The walls to be clad should not deviate from true by more than 2mm over 2 metres.

Apply wood or construction glue to the structural timbers to the height of one Bosco board. With the tongue removed, lay the first board to the glued grid and fix it from above with the clips. Fit the Bosco Mounting clip into the protruding groove, then screw it to each timber with a wood screw. Connect the subsequent planks together using the locks, knocking them home.

Wooden or aluminium angle bars or an aluminium flat bar may be used as a decorative and protective finish on the trimmed edge.