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Ashton & Rose

Ashton & Rose floors are FSC certified and produced to the most exacting standards. These 14mm engineered planks are ideal for everything from a single room to the largest of developments. Ashton & Rose boards are a triple layered engineered construction, with a solid oak surface bonded to two layers of softwood, the middle layer runs at ninety degrees to the top layer and the base layer runs in the same direction as the top creating a stable sandwich structure. This European mill has an unrivalled capacity and sophisticated control programme enabling it to produce huge volumes at a consistently brilliant quality and thus reducing costs. Ashton & Rose is one of the most affordable three layer engineered floors on the market today without any compromise on quality. Ashton & Rose comprises a click lock system enabling exceptionally quick and easy installation and making this the perfect floor for DIY or professional large scale installations. Ashton & Rose is available in three board
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