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Fixing Clips(129.1, 129.4 and 129.8mm)

Junckers Product Code: 450031/2/3
£ 83.94
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Fixing Clips are used for installing solid hardwood floors. If you’re installing Junckers flooring, be sure to use them.

The clip size is selected primarily on the basis of the expected maximum relative humidity in the building during the course of the year.

However, in order to minimize the overall movements of larger floors, it may be necessary to choose a larger clip than that
corresponding to the expected maximum relative humidity.

  • For ships decking always use 3-hole clips (129.8mm).
  • For Junckers plank 20.5 x 140 mm and Junckers
  • Boulevard planks, 20.5 x 185mm, always use 2-hole clips (129.4mm) or larger.

Dimensions: 129.1 mm, 129.4 mm  or 129.8 mm


User Guide
Clips are used when you’re installing solid hardwood floors. They are an essential hardwood floor accessory.