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Gold Acoustic Backed Underlay 5mm

Undatech Product Code: 150089
£ 49.14
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Sonic Gold is a thick flooring underlay designed to be laid both under laminate and wooden flooring.

With the special material and thickness of 5 mm with this underlay you get:

  • Sound reduction. It absorbs sounds up to 19 dB.
  • Heat insulation. Golden foil and the thick material save energy.
  • Moisture lock.

Width: 1000 mm

Thickness:  5 mm 

Quantity per unit: 15 m²

User Guide

You made a golden decision by choosing Gold Acoustic Backed Underlay.

Before you start laying new wooden or laminate floorboards do the following:

  1. Clean the concrete as much as you can; the essential part is vacuuming

  2. Prepare a scalpel.

  3. Cover the floor with the underlay and cut the extra material with the scalpel

  4. Leave a small gap between the wall, about 5 mm. 

  5. You are ready to lay down the floorboards.