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Rapid MXS 140 DPM

Marldon Product Code: 250036
£ 125.40
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Marldon MXS140 Rapid DPM is a single coat solvent-free, accelerated two-part epoxy based
damp proof membrane.

The benefits of using Marldon:

Easy to apply

  • Surface damp proof membrane and smoothing compound can be applied in the same day
  • Excellent adhesion promoter over clean mastic asphalt
  • Suitable for heated concrete and sand cement screeds (provided the surface temperature does not exceed 27 deg C in accordance with BS 8203 and BS 5325)

Colour: Gun Metal Grey when mixed
Coverage: Primer - 25mm² DPM - 12-15m²


User Guide


  1. Cleaning. Before you start applying the Rapid DPM, you have to clean the surface. It should be firm, sound, clean, dry and free of any other contaminants.The best way to do so is to use an industrial vacuum cleaner.


  1. Mixing. Stir Part 1 and Part 2 thoroughly before transferring Part 2 into the Part 1 container.

Using a slow speed drill fitted with a two bladed propeller (NOT A CEMENT PADDLE), mix the contents for 4-5 minutes to obtain uniformity in colour and consistency. Ensure all materials from the base and sides of the containers are mixed in thoroughly to ensure uniform cure.


  1. Application

  • Immediately after mixing, apply the mixed product onto the floor in ribbons to avoid  excessive heat build-up and increase working life and then apply with a 2mm x 5mm notched trowel.

  • While the Marldon MXS140 Rapid DPM is still wet, flatten out the serration ridges with a long handled, ‘fluff free’ roller, initially pre-wetted in the Marldon MXS140 Rapid DPM

  • The thickness must be no less than 250-350 microns in order to ensure that excess moisture vapour will not permeate the membrane.

  •  It is essential that the applied coating is continuous and free of pinholes or thin patches,otherwise an additional patching coat will be necessary.

  •  Allow to cure for 3 to 4 hours at +20°C .

  •  Do not mix more 6 kg units than can be used within the working pot life.