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Sylvafoam 2mm Underlay

Junckers Product Code: 150018
£ 43.94
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Special foam underlay comes from Juncker's factory, designed for all solid hardwood flooring. It can also be used for engineered flooring where there’s no need for a damp-proof membrane. 

The 2 mm of the special underlay absorbs sounds and preserves heat.


Width: 1000 mm

Thickness:  2 mm 

Quantity per unit: 15 m²

User Guide

Before you start laying the underlay, prepare a scalpel and clean the concrete as much as you can.

Lay the underlay foam evenly over the floor, leaving at least 5 mm space between the walls. Use the scalpel to cut evenly.

After you levelled the foam, you’re ready for your new floor!